Saturday, August 8, 2015


I drove up to Timau and over Passo Monte Croce Carnico into Austria.  Just before Lienz I hung a right toward Grossglockner.  I drove up the approach as far as Mörtschach then hopped on my bike.  I warmed up on the main road until Döllach and then found the little side road for Zirknitz.  This farm and forestry road winds high into the mountains, eventually reaching the dam at Großsee.  It was quite steep and difficult but it's definitely pedabile.  I was contemplating descending slightly then climbing up to the other side of the dam which has some pretty switchbacks, but thunderheads started rumbling in the distance.  Luckily I made it back to the car with only a couple of sprinkles, but it rained most of the drive home.  

From the pastures above Zirknitz

Zirknitztal cascading through a granite chute

The second wooden bridge

Gorgeous terrain with waterfalls

Großsee from the dam

The dam with sheer mountain slopes to the west

Kegelsee glacier lake; lots of fat marmots shrieking at intruders

Spectacular range to the east.   

Kegelsee's cirque

This climb reduced my legs to rubber

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