Thursday, February 28, 2013

Torrenti Muie, Chiarzo e Cosa

Three favorite rides cobbled together.  Started up through Valcolvera to Poffabro, then down peaceful Val Muie to Navarons.  North along Lago di Redona to the right turn for Campone.  This is the long cold stretch up Torrente Chiarzo, which is shaded from sun all winter so always stays frozen.  After the climb to Piani di Clauzetto, head down to Pradis di Sotto (Gerchia) and immediately upward again to Pradis di Sopra (Orton).  From here down to Clauzetto and the fun curvy road along Torrente Cosa.  At Travesio you head for Sequals and home.

Lots of bucca di neve and primule out- primavera is here!

Torrente Chiarzo ice falls; these big ice sickles
are about 20 feet long 

Ramp up to Piani di Clauzetto (683m)

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