Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today I headed to Castelnovo del Friuli, the first place Marilyn and I lived in Italy 19 years ago.  It's a lovely hilly area south of Clauzetto with very few people- there are 37 "villages" in the area but many of them have only one or two houses.  

After Travesio I headed along Valcosa on the road toward Clauzetto.  Shortly after Paludea there is a sharp right turn for Celante.  It begins climbing immediately, winding up a small gorge at 8% to 11%.  Eventually you reach Celante and have the option of climbing on toward Clauzetto or descending to Manazzons.  I headed down the twisty road toward Manazzons intending to continue to Costa Beorchia, another fun climb in Castelnovo.

I stopped to take a picture of the chicanes on this little forest road when I noticed the bike seat was loose.  I checked the bolt, it was tight, so I figured I'd keep an eye on it and continue.  When I got ready to start the bike seat fell off.  This was a first for me (I am up to 68Kg this winter instead of my usual 65Kg summer weight- could this be the problem?)  Luckily it hadn't fallen off while descending at speed- the loss of balance could easily have resulted in a nasty crash.  I looked at the seat mast cap and noticed the aluminum seat mount was cracked off.  So I stuffed the seat in my jacket, turned around and rode home standing for 33km.  This felt very strange of course; usually I only stand briefly when starting or when climbing a very steep hill.  But I made it all the way home standing, and the time was about the same as my seated time on the way out.  I could definitely feel the difference in my quads and hamstrings- this is good exercise!

I'll try the Manazzons - Costa Beorchia climb later on my Merckx, which has been resting for the winter.  Also need to work on getting another seat mast cap (hopefully a stronger one).  

Torrente Cosa, with Col Monaco in background

Col Monaco with beautiful old church on top-
there's a path from Celante to the church

The twisty road descending to Manazzons

My poor broken seat mast cap seat mount

The missing piece of seat mount (under bolt head)

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