Saturday, February 23, 2013

Due castelli e delle grotte

Down Via Pedemontana Occidentale, right toward Sarone and up to the junction for Il Cansiglio, then down/up to Castello di Caneva, with beautiful restored campanile and church.  Next down to Caneva, west toward Villa di Villa, up past the backroad to Il Cansiglio and around Castello di Cordignano.  This castle ruin has some impressive stone walls and a large round tower.  Now up over the steep road to Rugolo, and along the cliffside through Montaner and Osigo to Fregona.  From here you climb toward Grotte del Caglieron and cross a bridge over the entrance area.

Continue steeply up the hill then down to Colors, where you can go straight down to Vittorio Veneto, or turn left on Via Rive d'Anzano.   Gigi had mentioned this to me on our ride a few weeks ago- it takes you to Fratte, above Cappella Maggiore.  From Fratte I went right on Via Lughera, Via Buse and Via Fraccas to Sarmede.  From here back to Caneva and home.  Very fun ride with lots of saliscendi.
Castello di Caneva

Castello di Cordignano

Some of the pathways connecting the caves of Caglieron, viewed from the bridge 

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  1. Un saluto e un augurio per il nuovo anno!