Sunday, February 3, 2013

Passo Sant' Osvaldo

This is another local training ride- up the Valcellina to Cimolais or Claut.  At the start there's a short, steep climb from Montereale up to the tunnel, but after  that you have miles of gradual climbing through a spectacular mountain gorge.  It's especially beautiful in winter when the peaks are covered with snow and the white water river has ice formations in the shady spots.

Today I opted for Cimolais then ascended for a couple of kilometers more up to Passo Sant' Osvaldo at 821 meters.   The road was plowed and salted but still quite slushy near the margins, so I descended with brakes on most of the way.  The return from Cimolais to Montereale is great fun because it's mostly downhill so you can build up some speed.  Good work out, wonderful scenery!

The road to Cimolais

In foreground: Pineda piney woods- has nice bike paths,
 lots of birds, deer, other critters

Looking back down Valcellina

The icy descent from Passo Sant'Osvaldo

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