Saturday, February 16, 2013

Castello Ceconi

Through Sequals and Travesio to Via Valcosa, and up the moderate climb to Clauzetto (558m).  From here continue more steeply upward to Cristo (723m) at Pradis di Sopra.  Then down a bit to Orton and the right turn for Pielungo.  This is a wonderful road descending through a snowy forested gorge, then up to the open pastures of Forno and down again to Val d'Arzino.  Solitary and wild feeling, but a well-paved and plowed road.  I never saw any ice on the pavement, though the snow on either side was a couple of feet deep.

At Pielungo I turned left at the sign for Castello Ceconi.  Maybe a km later you reach the mansion.  Ceconi was a rich engineer who designed many roads over our mountains around the turn of the century.  So he built a beautiful house here in the style of a castle.  Marilyn, me, and Rocky our terrier came to visit in summer about 18 years ago- lots of people were enjoying the well-groomed grounds, having picnics, kids playing.  Very pleasant place.

Today it was deserted of course and everything covered with snow.  The ride back up through Pradis di Sopra was very peaceful, with wonderful views of the winter beech forests and surrounding mountains.  This was my favorite ride so far this year. 

Monte Valcalda (1908m) in the distance, shot from Cristo

The road winds upward through snowy meadows at Forno

Castello Ceconi, with Monte Flagjel (1467m)

View showing terraces supporting Castello Ceconi 

The ornate ferrobattuto front gate 
Finally got a picture of this waterfall on Torrente di Molin (normally hidden by foliage)

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