Sunday, February 17, 2013

Il Gravon

Another brutal cross-training session at the hands of my personal trainers, Honey and Teddi.  They started with speed-walking to Glera, then switched to Stair-mastering up the gravel road to 540 meters.  Hiking in snow only added to the difficulty.  Then they descended rapidly with their 4-wheel drive while I slipped and stumbled, then raced home.  Afterwards I had to fork over a milk bone to each of them.  Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day.

Honey & Teddi pose above our village

Up the gravon (scree slope) toward Forcella di Giais (1442m)

Deer prints  in the snow

Teddi fearlessly looking over the edge of a vertiginous snow cliff

Honey capturing the deer's scent from a hoof print

Close up of deer print
Glera's new fontana, with animal drinking water on left,
human drinking water on the right

The gravon is the grey patch on the left

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