Sunday, February 10, 2013

Costa Beorchia - Castelnovo

I headed back to Castelnovo this morning on my Merckx.  At Pinzano I took the left turn marked Costa Beorchia and immediately began ascending steeply.  It levels out then ascends, repeatedly.  After the little village of Costa Beorchia follow the road for Castelnovo.  After more ascending the lovely forest road descends/ascends repeatedly like a roller coaster to Davour La Mont.  I used to hike here over the hill from our village (Oltrerugo) with my terrier Rocky back in '94-'96.  

The road tees at a bridge, where you go right.  It winds around and goes through a little tunnel at Sottoforca.  After this, turn left and begin climbing very steeply to Vigna.  Over the crest you'll see the castello ruin and beautiful church on the hill.  Skirt right around this to Costa (from here I could see the house we lived in 19 years ago) and then continue down westward till you reach Madonna del Zucco.  From here down through Graves, across Torrente Cosa to Molevana (where we used to buy fresh cheese, butter, eggs).  Across the main road to Usago, Sequals and home.   This was great fun.  I have to go back and ride these hills some more. 

Piancavallo from Costa Beorchia

Steep gradients above Sottoforca 

Campanile of the castello ruin, Vigna
Country house, olive grove on hill

The view east from Vigna, with snowy mountains near Slovenia

Castello campanile and Chiesa di San Nicolo

Elevation profile

Much gradient over 10%

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