Friday, October 12, 2012

Vivaro - Tesis loop

Another local ride- from Vajont a wonderful slightly downhill, straight, smooth road for several miles to Vivaro.  Today a very large dude and small lady (wife maybe?) were going along at a leisurely pace/ talking so I passed and said Good day.  A while later the large dude with lady in tow caught up and passed- I guess I gave them something to chase.  So I rode along at their now-faster speed the rest of the way to Vivaro- quite easy with someone blocking the wind for you.

At Vivaro they went straight and I turned east toward Spilimbergo for a km or so, then north toward Tesis.  This is a quiet country road along fields and apple orchards, slightly uphill but not bad.  After Maniago industrial zone I turned west toward home.  Very peaceful ride, and good exercise.   

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