Saturday, October 20, 2012


Valcellina is another great local training ride.  Starts 4km from home at Montereale, with a gradual climb up through the 4km-long Monte Fara tunnel to Andreis and Lago di Barcis, then up the spectacular Cellina gorge to the turn off for Claut.  Or you can continue on to Cimolais and beyond if you wish.  

Today I got a late start because I was helping my neighbor stack firewood, so I turned around just past Cellino, where the gorge widens out and the river bends sharply east  toward Claut.  I love this spot because the river seems to always have fog rising off it here, which on the coldest winter days condenses and freezes on tree branches above the water, forming beautiful glass-like sculptures.  Also here- a big stand of river-bottom vegetation- very unusual around here.  

Looking back down the Cellina toward Monte Provagna

Looking over riparian flora toward Torrente Cellina,
with Monte Diasup in background

Nice panoramic view of Valcellina and mountains

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