Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meduno - Navarons - Bus di Colvera

We've had torrential rains this week so I was curious how full the narrow gorge at Bus di Colvera would be.   Just for variety's sake I rode the loop counterclockwise this time.   I started on the easy upward grade via Fanna to Meduno.  From here rolling hills to the turn for Navarons.  The road dives down to the bridge over Torrente Meduna, then steeply upward to Navarons.  From here saliscendi along Torrente Muiè, past Casasola steeply up to the junction below Poffabro.  Fast slight downhill along Torrente Colvera, then turn right on to the old road just before the tunnel.  This is Bus di Colvera, where the wide whitewater suddenly narrows to 10 feet through tall rock walls.  The rock has been carved into dynamic fluid sculpture, mirroring the eddies and hydraulics of the current.  After passing through the tunnel gap you continue down the Bus under sheer rock-climbing walls.  The old lane rejoins the wide modern road as it exits the tunnel, then you descend steeply to Maniago.  Easy ride home, with a diversion along Valcellina and Ravedis bridge.     

A cylindrical cavity, 5 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep,
where the turbulent torrente shoots into Bus di Colvera 

Torrente below high cliffs of Monte San Lorenzo 

Close up of cascade in torrente

More whitewater downstream

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