Friday, October 19, 2012

Dardago - Val di Croda

This is an excellent local practice climb- a 10 km warm up to Dardago, then a gradually increasing slope: first a bit of 5-6%, then a long stretch of 7-8%, followed by a healthy portion of 9-12%.  Toward the end it settles down to maybe 6% briefly before turning to gravel.  The setting is lovely of course: trees and cliffs, looming mountains, and today a pretty young lady with long reddish-brown hair descending on her mountain bike.  I took it easy on the descent, struggling to overcome my kamikaze tendencies.  There was one long straight stretch where I spun out the 11-tooth cog, but I forced myself to brake and slow down afterward.
A portion of Croda di San Tomè cliffs- to get the full picture I'd need my hiking boots

Description of some Bronze Age artifacts found in the area

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