Monday, October 29, 2012

First snow

I saw the snow on the mountains behind our house when I woke up,  and later went outside to check the temperature.  My neighbor Nerina asked if I was going riding up there (pointing toward the mountains)-  after 16 years she can read me like a book.  I warmed up via Ponte Giulia (by Vajont) and Ponte Ravedis near Montereale, then began my first steep climb in 2 months.  Despite the 20 km warmup I felt a twang in my right shoulder ligament pulling up on the bars while climbing the 12% above Motel Spia.  After that everything felt fine.  Sunny and cool, autumn colors looked great and the only snow I saw was on Pala d'Altei high above.  At the astronomical observatory (685m) I turned around and coasted back down.  Nice ride!

Pala Fontana from my bedroom window early this morning

Valfredda (left), Pala d'Altei (right) 

Alpi Giuliani to northeast from observatory

Montereale Valcellina, Ponte Giulia far right background

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