Sunday, October 14, 2012

Palu di Livenza

A few kilometers down Via Pedemontane, where the Prealps abruptly join the flat coastal plain, there is a large spring called la Santissima.  Most of the water forms Fiume Livenza and flows to the Adriatico.  But some water remains in a large boggy area called Palu di Livenza.  The abundant water created a perfect spot for a prehistoric settlement, with fish, plants and animals to eat, reeds for shelter, etc.  Archaeologists have dug up lots of artifacts from this prehistoric site, and there are some trails you can explore (but wear your wellies as it's quite muddy).  In my bike shoes I could only snap a few pics from the roadside.
Looking northwest across the Palu toward il Cansiglio

Stone arrowheads, spear tips, knives, and some ceramic pots 

Shows the archaeological dig and some diving in the springs 


Some good fotos of the area

Palu is below Polcenigo on this GPS track

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