Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Installed a Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow on the bike yesterday so today is test time.  Cruised from Vajont down to Vivaro on the lovely arrow-straight, slightly downhill highway.  The new saddle felt great, reach to the bars was just right, and even the new front bearings seemed smoother ;-)  At Vivaro I headed west across the barren Magredi della Cellina and soon arrived in San Foca.  From here a short flat spin to Sedrano, where I turned north on the main road to San Martino.  Here I took a bumpy shortcut along an irrigation canal, then the main road toward Aviano.  I turned north at Via Wassermann to Marsure and headed uphill toward home.  Decided on the climb home I'll need to scoot the seat back a few mm.  Also I'm not gonna cut the seat mast- it's perfect as is.  What are the odds someone's custom-built bike from Italian E-bay fits me perfectly?   We'll find out for sure in the mountains in the months ahead.

The new saddle
Go clockwise

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