Tuesday, March 20, 2012


After 2 rainless months, Sunday and Monday we got a little rain.  Now today it's clear and warm again.  I took off across the plain toward Sequals then on to Pinzano.  From here some rolling hills down to Torrente Arzino at Casiacco, and a lovely stack of switchbacks up to Anduins.  The twistiness continues up along the ridge line toward Vito d'Asio, and then Clauzetto (565m).  Then down more switchbacks to  Torrente Cosa, on to Travesio and then a tailwind all the way home.  Beautiful wildflowers all over today:  white and violet crocus and bucca di neve on the roadside after Lestans, buttery yellow primule on the slopes of Anduins and Vito d'Asio, and violets practically everywhere.

Campanile at Clauzetto from the switchbacks far below

The bendy stretch from Casiacco to Travesio

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