Sunday, March 11, 2012


I was thinking about where to go this morning when it dawned on me- I've never ridden up to Vals from Val Colvera.  I'd ridden down from Vals a few times but never up.

I cruised up to Meduno, then crossed the river below Navarons.  I started the climb out from the river when 2 older fellows on mountain bikes zoomed by me.  They both wore sneakers- the faster of the two was quite short and big, with tree-trunk legs, and rode with his knees splayed way out.  Nevertheless, he was kicking my ass on this climb from the Meduna up to Poffabro.  I was truly humbled- now I have no pretense of my current state of fitness- much hard work ahead!

At Poffabro they and I turned south down Val Colvera.  The aero advantage of the road bike immediately left them behind and it was the last I saw of them.  Soon I arrived at the left turn for Vals.  After a few meters of light climbing it turns straight up.  I was out of the saddle, pulling up on the bars to mash the pedals, and panting like a steam locomotive.  This continues without a break for about a kilometer.  Very pretty late-winter forest along the way, with many buca di neve and rose di natale.

At the top there's a tiny flat spot, then you're plummeting down the wide curves toward Fanna.

The 90mm stem flipped down feels great on the Merckx.  I think it's all sorted now.

Upstream Torrente Meduna; note snowless
Monte Valcalda and Monte Rest in background 

There were 4 herons here when I arrived but my clattering
scared 3 of them away; lovely seeing those big wings flapping as they slowly sail away

The climb; rode from top to bottom


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