Saturday, March 17, 2012

Via della Centrale

I was walking the dogs yesterday and was surprised to find our favorite quiet country road has been paved.  I've walked our previous terrier Rocky and the present 2 pooches on this road for 16 years.  It's a mixed blessing of course- the dogs will stay cleaner in rainy weather and I'll have a shorter route to ride to and from school.  But on the flip side we may get more car and truck traffic now.  The road has always been quiet, almost like a hiking trail, so I hate to see that change.  

Anyway today I rode the Trek 1220 down to the library to return The Black Banners, and then continued to Pordenone (Bricofer DIY store) to buy a sprayer for the hose (the previous one shattered in the February Freeze).  I returned home via the newly paved Via della Centrale.  Hope traffic stays as light as it was today.

The intersection with SR251 

The quiet country road near our village

Below town the road skirts our wooded colline,
then crosses fertile fields until joining SR251 

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