Thursday, March 29, 2012

Barcis-Col Alto

I tried the climb from Barcis to Piancavallo and Colalto last July, but it was closed above Pezzeda (600m) for repair.  I read on  that it was open again, so I gave it a try.

Easy warm up to Barcis (400m) and then the climb.  The first set of tornanti seemed fairly easy, but later the second and third sets of tornanti gave me a good workout.  Normally-noisy Torrente Caltea was silent until 700m, and even then much diminished.  We need rain badly!

The road was practically deserted through the silent forest, sunny and not too cold.  At Colalto I put on my mantellino and headed down.  I'm getting accustomed to the Viner's handling- the steering's a bit quicker than the Merckx so I must remember to adjust my technique on the fast tornanti.  Very fun ride!

Saw this unusual plant along the lane around 1000m
This tree's flowers look a little like pussywillow.
Not sure though.

Ride counterclockwise

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