Thursday, March 22, 2012

Val Margons

I had a few hours to kill before a doctor's appointment, so headed up the Valcellina to Claut.  It's a nice gentle grade.  At Claut I still had 20 minutes left before my turn around time, so I proceeded through Lesis toward Sorgente della Cellina.  Last time I was here the pavement ended and you continued on foot, but since then the pavement has been extended.  I still had 10 minutes to burn so I headed onward.  

At first it was a rolling road following the contours along the Cellina's headwaters.  Then suddenly it shot upward in a series of very steep switchbacks through beech forest.  Now I couldn't stop- had to see where this went.  It topped out at Pian de Cea (915 meters), where the pavement changed to gravel.  This road goes on to Forcella Clautana, then down to Lago di Selva and Valmeduna.  Last year a mountain biker, Ermiono, told me he'd ridden over the pass, but had to walk a few times.  So maybe I'll try to see how far I can make it next time.

On the ride home I bore down and rode as fast as possible to make up for my unplanned diversion. 

Peaks above Cimolais across Pian Pinedo

Steep switchbacks climbing out of Val Margons up to 900 meters

Erica blooming along Valcellina

Claut through Lesis to Val Margons

Close up of switchbacks

A kilometer of 12% average gradient

A couple of the steeper spots

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