Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valcellina - Passo San Osvaldo

Cycled through Montereale, along Lago di Ravedis, through the 4 km tunnel to Barcis. The lake at Barcis was very low, awaiting the snowpack to thaw in Spring and refill it. Continued up the beautiful gorge of the Valcellina, with rocky cliffs, frozen waterfalls and snowy peaks flanking a turquoise river, roiling and shimmering in the sunlight. Luckily it's upgrade all the way, forcing you to go slowly enough to enjoy it all. At the Claut-Cimolais junction I headed left, up through a pine-covered sloping plain, Il Pinedo. Passed through Cimolais, surrounded on all sides by peaks with craggy dolomite formations. I headed up the steeper climb to Passo San Osvaldo, at 830 meters. It was nice and cold on the pass, with patches of ice so I had to be careful. I rode over the pass and maybe half kilometer down toward Erto. Rode fast (trying to get warm) all the way home.
Looking from the Passo toward Erto
Ice sicles on the cliffs
The back of the mountain above Cimolais from Erto
On the road from the Passo down to Cimolais
Looking back at the mountains above Cimolais from the road to Claut
Looking toward Claut
The peaks along the Valcellina

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