Thursday, February 25, 2010


Short ride, but a good climb. Very warm out for late February: 14ºC . Even though I wore my lightweight Spring windjacket, pants, shoecovers, etc I was still hot even from the start. After cruising down Via Pedemontana Occidentale past Polcenigo to Coltura, I hung a right and headed up the wall. The road snakes up the mountainside with several long stretches of 16% grade, rarely staying below 10% for long, gaining 440 meters altitude in 6 km. Finally in the last km it levels out a bit, as it enters Mezzomonte. The pavement ends here, but if you have a mountain bike you can continue all the way up to Piancavallo. After a fun descent on the long switchbacks, I climbed the less-vertical route home (300 meters).
It was quite hazy, but after lugging my camera all the way up the hill I had to take some pictures. My apologies for the poor quality.
Il Torrione
Col dei S'cios
Mezzomonte from Budoia

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