Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sarone - Rugolo

This is a lovely ride along the foothills from Giais to Fregona, above Vittorio Veneto. It's similar to the ride I posted on 24 January, with a couple of differences. Instead of following the flat main road from Polcenigo to Caneva, I turned right at Sarone and took the high road. It's a nice climb because it starts easy and gradually increases to 8%-10% grade.The steep stretch has lovely views all the way to the mountains along the Slovenian border. At 220 meters (the junction with the road to Il Cansiglio) the road begins to descend. There is an excellent curve on the descent maybe 220° around which seems to go on forever. It was wet from yesterday's rain, so I went slow, but it would be fun when dry. I stopped to take some pics of the Castello di Caneva, and some elderly gentlemen from Vittorio Veneto zoomed by on bikes. I'm presuming they ascended Il Consiglio (1118 meters) this morning and were on their way home. I hope I'm it that good shape when I'm in my 70s.
At Caneva the road is flat briefly, but instead of continuing to Sarmede as before, I turned off at Villa di Villa and took the back road up past the ruin of Castello di Cordignano (13th century), and a stretch of 21% grade up to 300 meters. From there it descends to Rugolo, and rejoins the beautiful cliffside drive through Montaner and Osigo to Fregona. There's a fast descent to Capella Maggiore, then more or less flat to Polcenigo, and then the 250 meter climb home.
Looking east from Bivio di Sarone toward mountains along the Slovenian border
Castello di Caneva
Castello di Cordignano
Tail end of a bike club headed the opposite way on the back road to Villa di Villa
Montaner, with mountains in Belluno in background
Olive grove near Montaner with Colle Umberto in background
The rolling land of Sarmede-Fregona, with collline di Conegliano and Belluno mountains in background
Osigo, backdropped by mountains in Belluno

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