Monday, February 1, 2010


Usually I ride this from Maniago to Poffabro to Meduno, but decided to ride it counterclockwise for a change. The roads were clear of snow and ice, the skies were blue and sunny, and pretty snow-capped mountains arced from horizon to horizon. A little after passing Meduno I turned left toward Navarons. Stopped on the Fiume Meduna bridge and took a picture toward Monte Rest.

Continued up through Navarons and then up the Val Muiè, silent except for a picchio hammering on a tree. Lovely views of Monte Raut, Frisanco.

Views of Poffabro and surrounding mountains

Climbed up to Poffabro then headed down toward Maniago. I planned on going around the galleria at Bus di Colvera but the old road was covered with snow and ice (though a brave man had stopped his car and was taking his baby for a passegiata through the snow in his carriage).
Nice easy ride.

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