Monday, February 15, 2010

Rifugio Bornass

Short ride, but the climb makes a good workout. Started by riding down into the plain a bit to warm up. After Sedrano I continued to Aviano, where the long easy slope to Costa begins. After Costa, the road turns abruptly upward, with19% stretches until Santuario Madonna del Monte. From there it levels to 6% (which feels flat) and passes through some nice woods until the bridge over Torrente Ossena. From there it follows switch backs up the slope, reaching 10% at times, finally reaching Rifugio Bornass at 767 meters. The last few hundred meters there was some snow and ice, so I had to dismount a couple times. It was hazy/cloudy today so the panorama was less breath-taking than usual. The road descending from Rifugio Bornass to Pedemonte (in Aviano) has been rebuilt and is great- very fast and smooth.
From Pedemonte I headed home on my usual route, Via Pedemontane Occidentale, with another 200 meters of climbing.
Santuario Madonna del Monte (foto from internet)

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