Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Celante - Manazzons

Visited our old comune, Castelnovo del Friuli, where we lived 16 years ago. I rode up the Val Cosa past Paludea, then turned right, up the 17% grade to Celante. Then down through the still winter forest toward Manazzons. After a few kilometers, the road is closed to traffic because of a landslide, necessitating a steep climb over the ridge to the cliff-dwelling of Manazzons. I was feeling lazy so headed down the closed road to see if I bike could get through. It was no problem. Stopped at the gorge carved out by Rio delle Fontane and took some pictures, then continued down to the meadowy village Pradaldon. Beautiful spot. From there a few km of rolling hills and then on the plain toward home.
Celante murale
Manazzons galleria
Rio delle Fontane

Manazzons upper left; far upper right Clauzetto

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