Thursday, March 25, 2010


I've ridden individual parts of this ride before but never altogether. To start I headed up through Bus di Colvera to Poffabro, then down through the Val Muiè to Navarrons- see pictures here: Meduno-Poffabro . Then I rode up the Meduno River road to Lago di Redona and turned right, following Val Chiarzo' past Campone and up over Piani di Clauzetto at 676 meters ( see Orton ). From there I descended to Pradis di Sotto, turned right and climbed back up to Clauzetto (600 meters). Great descent down the Val Cosa to Travesio, then across to Sequals. At Sequals it started raining pretty steady. Wasn't too bad, though my wet socks were cold in the wind. Continued through Arba, Campagna back to our house, and thawed my feet in a warm bath. Great ride.

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