Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pala Barzana

I tried this in February but the road was still snowy above 650 meters (see Poffabro ). So yesterday I was looking around with my binoculars from the top of Monte San Loenzo, saw the switchbacks on the road to Pala Barzana, and thought I'd give it another try.
The road was open all the way to the top and down the other side, past Bosplans, to Andreis and Molassa. Very nice ascent- above 600 meters the road winds through a fir forest, and the fir-needle covered understory and snow soaked up all the sound. Silent except for singing birds. Nice and sunny in the meadow at Forcella di Pala Barzana (842 meters), with Monte Raut towering on one side, and Monte Fara on the other.
Descended slowly, as the road had a lot of cinders and pebbles from the winter, and I wanted to remain upright. After Andreis the road was better and I could pick up speed. Then through the 4 km tunnel under Monte Fara, across the bridge over jade-turquoise Lago di Ravedis, and home. Fun ride.



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