Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anduins Pielungo Campone

This ride contains 2 climbs I haven't tried before (though I have ridden them downhill). The first is from Casiacco up to Anduins- 10 tornanti at 6-8% for 2 km. Not bad, and the scenery is beautiful- numerous white water streams racing down the steep slope toward Fiume Arzino. After Anduins you reach the edge of the gorge of Val d'Arzino. I stood on the pedals often so I could look down at the beautiful emerald and white water churning over boulders far below. At Pielungo, I turned away from the Arzino and up the lonesome mountain road to Orton. It's a long steady climb through beech forest and eroded karst stone formations up to 630 meters. Toward the end the solitude was interrupted by a few cars in an old-timers rally- mostly 1970s Lancia Fulvia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and even a few Autobianchi. After the summit I rolled down to Pradis di Sotto and then headed up again toward Piani di Clauzetto at 670 meters. Then down again along the Torrente Chiarzò, through Campone, to the Meduno River and home. 100 km ride.
Some nice pics of the Val d'Arzino here

Tornanti di Anduins
Ride profile
Elevation Gain:1,176 m
Elevation Loss:1,196 m
Min Elevation:138 m
Max Elevation:658 m

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