Sunday, March 7, 2010

Il Cansiglio

This is a tough 1100 meter climb up the face of the mountain above Caneva to Piancansiglio, a largely undeveloped altopiano with meadows and pastureland. The big open area is surrounded by a beech forest to the south and fir trees on the other sides.
The road is very twisty with numerous switchbacks and an unrelenting grade. Definitely makes muscles sore you didn't know you had. To the east, south, and west there are spectacular panoramas to take your mind off the pain on the ascent, but don't look on the descent- I glanced aside for an instant and when I looked back at the road I almost shot over a guardrail. Yikes!
I was completely frozen when I returned to the flatland, and could hear nothing because the roar of the wind had deafened me. By the time I climbed the hills back to our home, I had thawed and was regaining my senses.
I'll try to do this a couple more times this year, but I'll try one of the alternate routes: the Strada della Patriarca from Castello di Cordinagno, the main road from Vittorio Veneto, or the road from Lago Santa Croce to Tambre.
Piancansiglio, with mountains of Belluno
More of the mountain range
Looking east toward Monte Cavallo
The fir tree forest to the southeast

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