Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Magredi

This is another questionable post- it is not about cycling in the Dolomiti Friulane. Instead, it's about cycling in the Magredi (see http://www.assiemeperiltagliamento.org/forum-magredi/praterengl.htm ) an expanse of dry river beds on the pianura between the Dolomiti and Adriatico. It's covered with rocks torn from the Dolomiti by glaciers, and then strewn across the plain by huge floods. Very desolate, mostly-undeveloped area protected by WWF.
Today was the warmest so far this year, so I wore short sleeves and bike shorts, fingerless gloves, and no shoe covers for the first time since Autumn. Felt great, though rather windy. I noticed several approaching motorists donning protective eyeware upon seeing my unbearable whiteness of being- hopefully I'll turn beige before long, if not bronzato. Oddly all the Italian cyclists I encountered had on long sleeves, long pants, shoe covers, etc. I would have been soaking in sweat with that on.
I headed down to Vivaro and continued almost to Rauscedo, where I got on the new road from Spilimbergo to Zoppola. It is limited access, so no cross-traffic, has a nice bike lane on each side, and is elevated a bit so the pavement isn't washed away by the annual floods. I turned off on the road to Cordenons, then continued through Arco and Roveredo to Castello d'Aviano. From there continued on the climb home. Nice Springtime ride.

The Magredi, with Dolomiti Friulane in background- from internet

Castello d'Aviano- from internet


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