Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This is a wonderful climb up fir-covered slopes, reaching the lower edge of altopiano at 1500 meters then continuing up  miles of sunny grassland to 1900 meters+.  Previously I climbed this on my old Merckx, continuing on the gravel road to an Italian communications post.  Then a couple years later I mountain biked all the way up.  Today climbing with the Legend Fedaia on 28mm tires worked fine but descending was quite tedious.  Once I descended to the paved lower section everything was fine.  Must try this ride if you're in the area.

Monte Coglians hiding behind Monte Tenchia

Monte Zoncolan ski area on left

Lago di Zoufplan;
blue sky reflection if you're at the correct angle

On the right the valley from Tolmezzo to Timau

Toward Timau and Austria; antenna on lower right
was the highest I reached on road bike back in 2011 

Wild rhododendron blooming along the gravel road

The circuitous gravel road down to the shady paved lower section

Blue line shows the switchbacking climb

15 km of 8%, the last 6 km on gravel

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