Sunday, June 11, 2017


Another steep gravel road attempt with the road bike.  Cadolten is an order of magnitude more difficult than Monte Jouf. I warmed up from Stevena, down through Sarmede and up to the panoramica connecting Montaner with Osigo.  From here climb briefly on the main Vittorio Veneto-Cansiglio road, then turn left on Via Praviner.  Soon pavement ends and you begin alternating steep concrete sections with gravel;  after the first alteration I was toast.  I'm not sure if it was the gearing or the difficulty gaining traction with 28mm slicks, but between the two I was struggling most of the climb.  I would estimate I walked about a quarter of the climb off and on.  But it was still wonderful: cool shady fir trees, silence except for birdsong, delirium from exertion.  A great climb!     

After Cadolten, a gorgeous altopiano with meadows surrounded by tall firs, I descended to La Crosetta and the deserted descent on Strada del Patriarca to Villa di Villa.  Very tired when I got home.  


View toward Vittorio Veneto

Cadolten fir-lined lane

Close up of climb, clockwise

Tough climb

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