Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monte Grappa from Semonzo

My Ediciclo guide says this route up Monte Grappa "è in assoluto una delle salite più difficili e belle delle Prealpi...."   I had my doubts:  how could this route, with cars full of sightseeing tourists, compare to the walls of death on Strada degli Alpini or Salto della Capra?  So I blithely pedaled up the 8% past the "28 tornanti to go" sign.  It was only later, when the predictability ended  and the road transformed into a shape-shifting wolf in sheep's clothing that I saw his point.  Though I never had to stop and rest, I was wrung out by the time I reached the summit: nothing in reserve. Più difficili sounded about right. 

The ride down was glorious, with stops to enjoy the landscape.  My guidebook was right about the beauty of the ride as well.

The enormous ossario on the summit

Beautiful alpine pastureland

Trees in the meadows

Natural hanging gardens on the cliffs
Close up view (campanelle?)

More all along the road

Fedaia resting from her climb

18 km of 8%.  Hard.

The magenta line is the climb

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