Thursday, June 8, 2017


There are two routes to Nevegal: the moderate one from Ponte negli Alpi and the steep one from Belluno.  Today I climbed the steep one.  It's easy until Castion, then goes nuts.  Long switchbacks give you no chance to rest, it just goes on and on.  On the plus side, in the cool morning shade there was no sweltering sun like you endure on the Ponte negli Alpi route.

At Nevegal I continued on up to Faveghera at 1430 meters. Slightly less steep but the cumulative exhaustion made it feel just as difficult.  The fast descent was wonderful, and then I took the shortcut via Cornolade.  A classic.
Almost haze-free seeing this morning

The climb from Castions to Faveghera

The Belluno Nevegal climb as featured in the
2011 Giro d'Italia Cronoscalata

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