Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pian delle Femene

We're having a heatwave, temps up in the mid-30's Celsius.  I kind of scoffed at it because I grew up in Alabama and worked in the Air Force on the flightline in the Mojave Desert, Nellis, Korea, and New Mexico.  But it was a bigger problem than I expected.  After the first half hour I was crawling in low gear.  My original target, Col Visentin, quickly evaporated.  Luckily a cloud floated over so I was able to recover shaded and made it up to the top with no more problems.  I descended fast so I could get some sweat windchill going and by the time I reached the car at Vittorio Veneto I had rejoined the living.  Anyway this is an awesome local climb which I would recommend to anyone in the area.

Beautiful rolling grassland with firs

Cowgirl leading her horses back to the barn

Tougher than you'd think

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