Thursday, June 22, 2017

Monte Crostis

The climb from Comeglians to the Panoramica delle Vette is a Carnia classic.  Miles of switchbacks through steep fir-covered slopes, followed by wide-open alpine landscape.   Fedaia handled the climb well, and then deftly switched to gravel bike on the rolling Panoramica delle Vette.  She's an all-rounder.

Next I arrived at the descent to Ravascletto, steep  and well-paved since the Giro d'Italia preparations of 2011.  Unfortunately there've been some landslides over the winter and the road was blocked for repair.  Some motorcyclists had been turned back but I lifted my bike over the barriers and then used the wooden guardrails as a catwalk to reach the other side.  The workers were rappeling on the steep slope to secure chainlink landslide prevention in place.  Hard to imagine how hot that would be even up  in the mountains with the sun beating down.

Eventually the road reaches Ravascletto and the beautiful main highway.  Some great curves on the plummet down this road.

Try this loop if you get a chance.  It's a great experience.

Rhododedron-covered slopes above top of climb 

Gorgeous mountain meadows

Monte Crostis hiking trail

The valley where I started in Comeglians

Wild rhododendron close-up

Monte Coglians again half-hidden behind smaller peaks

Big peaks to the west in Veneto

Looking down at the descent road to Ravascletto

The tough climb from Comeglians

Follow the zig-zags clockwise

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