Thursday, April 20, 2017

Strada del Patriarca - Piancavallo

A stupendous clear cold April morning which felt more like February.  I dressed properly this time though so I didn't freeze.  After warming up from Giais to Villa di Villa I headed up Strada del Patriarca, a wild remote alternative to the Sarone-Cansiglio road.  At La Crosetta I turned right onto the strada bianca to Candaglia.  Great surface even with a road bike through the big trees and karst.

At Casa Forestale I switched onto the gravel road that exits the Cansiglio in the direction to Piancavallo.     This soon connects to the newly paved Panoramica, which after more descending and climbing arrived in Piancavallo.

A caution: they are paving several stretches of the Piancavallo main road preparing for the Giro d'Italia. I was lucky and didn't get into any fresh asphalt, but I think I'll wait till after race day to ride there again.

View of Pian Cansiglio meadows from the forestry road

The lovely strada bianca through big trees

From Casa Forestale northwest toward the Dolomiti

Col di Scous dusted with snow

The cobalt blue sky at i Fanghi,  highpoint at 1597 meters

The climb up Strada del Patriarca

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