Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monte Candaglia to Piancavallo

Left home at 0630 and ascended from Sarone to Pian Cansiglio.   Turn right and ride to the barrier, go around it and ride on dirt/gravel road briefly.  Soon you reach crumbly loose pavement and begin ascending.  The steepness isn't the main difficulty: it's loosing traction on the fir straw, poor pavement, vegetation debris, etc.  At end of pavement you reach a forestry house, deserted on this early Spring morning.  The gravel road continues climbing along Monte Candaglia for a couple of km to the junction with the newly paved road to Piancavallo.  It was quite cold up here so I did as much standing climbing as I could to keep warm.  

Passing the junction for Mezzomonte I continued on to Casera Valle Friz and Malga Campo.  I then took the main Piancavallo road down to Pedemonte.   Wonderful ride, on road bike or MTB.

The road from Pian Cansiglio
joins road to Piancavallo here

Gorgeous rolling grassland near Col di S'cios

Wildfowl visit this lake for a drink and some rest

The Sarone-La Crosetta climb

The climb to Monte Candaglia

The climb from Mezzomonte road to the
highpoint at i Fanghi, near Casera Valle Friz

The view from above

Total ride stats

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