Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Piancavallo and Monte Candole

Pedemonte to Piancavallo is the third closest climb from our house, just a km further than Costa.  Much harder though.

Today was an overcast day with rain forecast.  I tried to sneak in a ride to Casera Valle Friz above Piancavallo but the off and on drizzle seemed to intensify above Malga Campo, so I decided to turn back despite being almost there.  Good call because descending in the drizzle quickly had me near hypothermia.  

At Bornass I turned off to take the slower less-steep descent to Costa.  This helped considerably.  At the washed-out bridge I stopped: there was a very pretty white goat who, after after some frightened hesitation, finally sprinted past me.  On the ascent home I stood to generate some heat, helped some.

Good ride in the rain!

The climb

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