Saturday, April 8, 2017

Andreis to Valdifrina

Another climb very close to home: Pala Barzana from west to east.  The climb from the east side is more popular and equally scenic, but this one is harder.  After traversing the 4 km tunnel I arrived in Andreis and headed uphill.  This first section isn't bad but as you wind past the turn off for Malga Fara (also a good climb) the road pitches up for a few hundred meters.  That's a good workout.  Then it winds around a bit more and you arrive at Pala Barzana.

From here the bike traffic increases, even an occasional car.  At the bottom you do some more climbing to get back to civilization: Poffabro or my choice today, Valdifrina.  This is a pretty little lane but very steep as you head down to Valcolvera.  Valcolvera brings you to the first tunnel, after which I got off the main road and coasted through Fora di Colvera, carefully avoiding rock climbers' belay lines.  Maniago then home.  Good ride!  

Monte Raut from the descent

Another shot further down the hill

From Valdifrina

The climb

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