Monday, April 24, 2017

Col Alt

Today I decided to give Maxima a ride because this climb is so steep I needed the lightest bike I could find.  I warmed up riding to Sarmede then began climbing up to Rugolo.  I turned left at a sign pointing to Castelir Alpini church.  I gave it my best effort but died about 100 meters short of the church and had to walk (after gasping like a fish for a few minutes).

Next I began the twisty climb up to Dal Cin, which is very steep but at least has some brief less-precipitous sections.  At Dal Cin it becomes a gravel road which before long peaks out. Instead of heading downhill turn left at ruin of old house onto a foot trail.  I walked most of this and then joined another dirt road leading to Col Alt, a memorial to the Partigiani of WWII (sort of like the French Resistance).

I descended on a rough gravel road which soon joins Strada del Patriarca down to Villa di Villa.  The rolling ride home seemed easy after all that climbing.

Col Alt memorial at 830 meters

The face of exhaustion

Climb from Sarmede to near Col Alt

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