Thursday, April 6, 2017

Panoramica Piancavallo - Cansiglio paved (almost)

I rode Fedaia down to Coltura and turned uphill toward Mezzomonte.  At the cemetery before Mezzomonte I turned left and began climbing more steeply.  Completely deserted this morning with cloudmist cloaking big fir trees.  I was doing ok until the killer concrete ramp near the top: made it halfway up and then I had to walk.  Shortly afterward I reached the junction with the panoramica.

I was methodically donning my cold weather gear when I noticed the usually gravel road to the west had been paved.  I was helpless to resist exploring this and shoved off.  The road is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a road bike.   The only caveat is the older concrete sections near the malghe: they are rough and have many wide drainage channels to slow down for (or bunny hop).  

Alas the pavement ends in rough gravel and muddy logging roads before joining the main road to Sarone.  So not roadbikeable yet, but the improved access to beautiful Col dei S'cios is cause for celebration.  I will try this from Piancavallo next time, possibly descending via Monte Candaglia nel Cansiglio.  

The concrete ramp slew me near that tree

While you're recovering, remember this ramp is next 

Fresh pavement heading west

Gorgeous valley below Col dei S'cios

The climb from Coltura to the panoramica

Oregon 600 batteries died again; luckily I have this portion
from an old MTB ride: should help you see where the road goes

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