Monday, October 31, 2016

Biotopo Magredi

A short ride down the flat road through San Quirino to Cordenons, then east toward Zoppolo.  Before I got there I turned north onto a gravel road, too-deep gravel at times.  Eventually reached a nature preserve called Biotopo Magredi with a display of photos of the many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies living there.  BTW  the Magredi is a huge alluvial fan of the Cellina and Meduno Rivers.  It's gravely with big floods in Spring so mostly uninhabited.  But many animals prefer this habitat so now they are protected in preserves.  I found out on the return it would have been easier to reach the preserve on the smooth strade bianca directly from San Quarino.

A good link:
Biotopo Magredi di San Quirino (Italy): Top Tips Before You Go ...

Deep gravel road

Beautiful preserved prarie

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