Monday, October 10, 2016

Convento Sant'Angelo

This is a short hike but has some lovely views.  It starts in the extinct volcano crater where we stayed in Pozzuoli, now used by Italian Army and US Navy as a recreation area.  There's a golf course, football, softball and soccer fields, swimming pool, and camp sites.  The crater rim isolates it from the traffic noise etc of  Napoli, so it seems like a kind of island oasis.

The hike ascends the steep crater wall in a series of long switchbacks, finally arriving at Convento Sant'Angelo around 300 meters.  There's a dirt road up the external side of the crater from Quarto (to the north).  A few cars were parked there and people were visiting the convent but it was otherwise locked up.  Along the walk are some great views outside the crater of the sea and surroundings.  Be sure to check yourself for ticks after hiking here, they were abundant even in October.  

Note:  I apologize for the foreshortened GPS track, the Garmin hadn't been recharged and died.  The hike should be around 6 or 7 km.

Umbrella pines in the morning

Convento Sant'Angelo

Lago d'Averno foreground, Ischia in the distance

Capo di Miseno

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