Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canal di Cuna

Finally done with vacation and back on my bike.  I rode Maxima up Valmeduna to Tramonti di Mezzo and started up the beautiful lane toward Canal di Cuna.  The road follows the gorge of Torrente Chiarchia to Pie' di Spineit, then shoots upward.  It's very steep with fallen leaves, drainage channels and broken pavement to complicate matters.  Needless to say I love this road.  At Selva Plana pavement ends but I was able to continue without much trouble with 28mm tires.  Finally the road ends at a tiny abandoned village of stone houses.  You can hike from here down to San Vincenzo, a restored church, and even onward to San Francesco in Val d'Arzino.  I think I will try that hike from the other end.  Also another track marked Malga Rossa, which I think is above Pielungo.

The ride down is very painstaking but I made it unscathed.  I rode home very tired: my good form has been lost in only one month.  But I'll try to gradually rebuild to avoid injury- maybe in a month or two I'll be good as new.

The lovely mountains to the west

I think this is Valcalda, not sure

In the shadows at bottom you can see Torrente Chiarchia's
churning white water

The climb

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