Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monte Vesuvius Hike

Marilyn, the dogs and I started the Monte Vesuvio hike after parking at end of public road around 850 meters.  We then walked along the limited access road used by tour buses and taxis, not at all crowded on this off-season morning (more about this later).  The paved road ends at 950 meters and becomes a wide cinder track path, very well constructed, which it needs to be given the volume of foot traffic.   Around 1150 meters you reach the crater rim and continue on around.  Great views of the caldera, Sorrento, Capri and even a a glimpse of Pozzuoli and Ischia to the northwest.  Quite a few fumaroles venting today.

This is a road bikeable climb up to end of pavement which I'll return and try someday.  The one caveat when hiking is the tour bus traffic in the afternoon: very heavy even in off-season and quite unpleasant when they corner too close at speed.  A separate walking path is needed from parking to end of pavement.   

View from the rim

Lovely fumarole

Sorrento and Capri

The caldera

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