Thursday, November 3, 2016

Monte Cesen

An Autumn classic: colorful foliage, chestnut and mushroom gatherers roaming the forest, clear, cool, crisp air.  I rode from Vittorio Veneto to Valdobbiadene along the Strada del Prosecco.  At the piazza in Valdobbiadene I headed up the climb to Pianezze, a ski area awaiting first snow.  I continued briefly up the road toward Refugio Mariech but cold dense clouds were already enshrouding the summit, and I was already bone tired, so I turned around.  

Back at Pianezze I headed across the traverse to Budui, where the beautiful descent via Madean to Combai begins.  That was fun.  The remaining ride to Vittorio Veneto was lovely and I arrived very fatigued.  Good workout. 

Combai castagne gatherers, their bikes
laden with gunny sacks full of chestnuts

Steep grassy meadows above Pianezze

Landscape descending toward Segusino and the Piave

Gorgeous views along the traverse to Budui

The climb to Pianezze

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