Saturday, October 29, 2016

Colle Umberto

I pass by the turnoff for Colle Umberto often but rarely visit.  A shame because it's a lovely place.  Today I rode Fedaia down there and got a few photos.  This a ride for everyone, not too steep, with marked cycle routes showing you the way.  If you visit Conegliano or Vittorio Veneto check it out.

Chiesa di San Martino

Campanile di San Martino

Restored palazzo

Campanile by municipio



Prosecco vineyards with Col Visentin
and Monte Pizzoc in background
Another view of castello

Municipio campanile  from the descent

Memorial to Ottavio Bottecchia, greatest ever
Friulian cyclist.  He was born in Pinidello,
frazione di Colle Umberto  

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