Sunday, July 26, 2015

Keen SPD sandals

To be honest I was a little unclear on the concept of a sandal with bike cleats when I heard of it.  It's generally cool here so hot feet isn't a big problem.  Then our heat wave of the century arrived and wouldn't go away.  I was riding up at Monte Pizzoc a couple weeks ago and a guy on a mountain bike stopped to ask directions.  I noticed he had some kind of open shoes and thought that might be cooler.

So I started researching and this brand (Keen) seemed well recommended.  I bought some and finally installed the cleats today.  I'd also just changed the front brake pads so thought I'd combine the ops ck.  

These sandals work great and are nice and cool.  I'm thinking they'd also be good for stream crossings, which usually leave you riding with squishy socks for hours afterward.  I'll still use the Alp X's for hard climbs but for moderate rides these will be perfect. 

SPD cleat

Nice tread

Outboard side

The inner side

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